You can click on the image and see a larger version of it in Flickr. It’s cool.. If there’s one thing that totally stood out for me today, is to never underestimate the power of just playing around. I think that often times I’m usually trying to execute (i’ll share more on that later), than play. I think that makes getting different ideas a little harder. Take this picture for example. I went into it…

Reading around the web, I came upon a series of sites that talk about HDR Photography technique and how the use of the Manual mode of the camera will yield the best results.  Now, while this could yield great results for some people, and I think its a great way to have control over ALL of the elements of a picture, I think that the idea can cause a bit of confusion.  I figure it’s…

Aside from the Flash and the Camera, the one thing that I think people should carry around in their car is a Diffuser. Take for example me hanging out with my wife and daughter out in Long Island this past Halloween. I wanted to get a cool picture of her in her overalls atop some pumpkins, but the only time we had was about 2:30PM- about the worst light there could be out there.

sabie_pumpkins-7I don’t have the luxury of waking everyone up at 5:15am, getting them ready, and driving out to a patch to work with the ‘golden hour’ light – I mean, she’s one fer chrissakes! I have to make this work – and this scenario mirrors itself in a bunch of areas in photography. And all can be solved with a diffuser. Let me tell you how.