With the end of semester in the rearview, i’ve hit the road to work on new books and speaking engagements. First stop – doing some teaching over at Creative Live for Photoshop Week.

For this time on the road, I was excited to get on the road and play with pictures – with no real goal. I have had the Fuji XT3 on my desk for a bit, and I was like “Man, I really need to go out and make some shots with it to play”. I remember how much I gushed about the XT1 when it came out so – to be honest – I expected nothing really to change. The Fuji folks are super responsive to feedback and quite innovative.

My buddy Latanya – a long time Nikon shooter – was looking at another camera to add, so I took her through the paces and gave her the overview. We made some shots..

.. The sharpness on this lens was just sick. So much so, I wanted you guys to check it out.

This is a link to download the files if you want to see them.

Really really nice detail… cant wait to play with it some more..


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