Despite my overwhelming desire to have traveling to Puerto Rico to have pork chops be my primary reason for the travel – I got to do something yesterday I’ve been working on for a bit. When I got to Newhouse, I wanted to try to find ways to make inroads with Latinx students From all spaces. Syracuse can be a bit of a culture shock for non-white students and if you are a first-gen (ie:…

Growing up in the South Bronx, I didn’t really have any concept of what it would be like to leave and do something. I don’t think I would have left were it not for my half sister Daisy and her husband Norman Wechsler. I remember spending many nights in their house - a respite from

One of the earliest websites that I used was back in college to create a webpage is called Lynx. That leader merged to a social site called Geocities that allowed people to publish webpages based on specific community avenues. A lot of people with different tastes an interest to congregate and share information with one another. From there I moved on to things like live journal and posted on random blogs. It wasn’t until 12…

Doing a little happy dance. With the exception of some cleanup – Book #11 is done. New @Lightroom 2021 Classroom in a Book. Excited to see @NewhouseSU students and other students all over confidently using Lightroom. Pre orders soon!