About a year ago I started noticing that my day started of very frenetically… I would immediately jump out of bed and try to wage war against the rising tide of emails and meetings. I could deal with them in a few hours but for some reason I felt like these were all things that I needed to do right then and there. The more I did it the more stress I felt doing it.…

My daughter Sabine is getting ready for the Wild Kratts Official show at the Mahaffey Theater in Saint Pete today. She is soo into animals this should be a great treat for her. I know what that excitement feels like to go meet someone and tell them you’re a big fan (like the time I chatted w Dan Winters ) – so Im wearing the biggest smile seeing her do this.

Got a chance to go outside and make a picture out in Lettuce Lake Park in Tampa. Off all of the subjects that I could be photographing – she is my favorite one. 🙂

Sabine has been doing -great- during her time in riding her bike. I’ve been cautiously excited as to how well she’s been doing. After many days of riding with only showing a skinned knee for it,  she went out with Jenn and her friends to a trail to go riding and a picnic. I’m still just nervous.  And it comes to a full tilt in my head when Jenn calls me, with a wailing Sabine in…