Yesterday I went out to see #thedarkknightrises , and loved it. Found myself reveling in Chris Nolan’s images paired with one of my all time fav composers +Hans Zimmer .  I got the soundtrack and could not stop playing it last night.  Staring at my images of #newyorkcity , I wanted to just play and play with them. Make a stylized tribute to what I was hearing in my head..

More often than not, I consider myself a darker shooter – and it suits me fine. More often than not, I have this music (“The End” from the Dark Knight Rises soundtrack by Hans) blaring in my head when im trying to find a cool vantage point to make a picture of my most favorite place..



  1. Such a wonderfully somber image.
    A refreshing look at a scene that is difficult to
    show in new “light” Youve done that here.
    It reminds me.. in some strange way to Ansel Adams Moon photo ( over I think New Mexico?) Less is more. Even and often especially when it comes to light.

  2. I agree, RC. Even though I live in the Seattle area, every time I hear his music, I always lapse back to either The Dark Knight movies or Inception and wish I could watch the city fold over on itself so I can shoot it 😉

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