Not really… but its a good start to it.  Make sure you read the whole post.. 🙂  This is my mom.  You may recognize her from such pictures as the first time that she used a computer ( or when she was threatening to finish my food in a most frightening way (kidding: ) .  Anyway.. as much as I travel and get to do these cool things, she never really gets a chance to see me do them.  She’s never come to a Photoshop World.  Until this week.

Fresh from her second knee replacement surgery, my mom Cristela will be joined by my brother Tito and cousin Tania to come check out the Keynote and just hang for a couple of hours at Photoshop World.  I am ever so proud of my mom – and have her to credit for giving me all of the opportunity to be more than just a statistic.

I dedicated my book The HDR Book to her:

_ “I love all of the moments that you and I spend together for very selfish reason.  When I step on a stage and shine as bright as you say I do. I get to tell the whole world that I am your son.”_

Anyway… She’ll be easy to spot in a wheelchair.. but make sure you stop them and make them feel at home.  If you see me with an extra spring in my step, its because this is a  great personal moment for me.   Thanks!



  1. Awwww, that’s so nice RC! Great to see someone honoring their mom so nicely. I’m sure she’s so proud of you too!

  2. Beth McNabb

    Now I really wish I had been at Photoshop World! I’m thrilled for you that your family could be there. : )

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