While I spend time on my website blogging, I constantly find myself with Jenn ​​ saying “ooh we need to write this thing down” when Sabine says or does something interesting. Or when we want to share a video talking to her in the future. Something personal. But fast enough to do on a phone.

Went to search for a journal app for the iPhone and most of them just looked yucky. I’d love to do a journal post. A video post. A picture post with either text or audio annotation. Sync able. Private.

But I’d love for it NOT to use comic sans or Lucinda for writing. I mean. I know it’s prob too much to ask. But wouldn’t it be nice to have it look as sexy as the 500px app.

Ooh. What if they designed this as a stand alone app. Then aggregated all of that content and gave you the option to link it to a 500px account at a later date. The stuff you’d have there could be a foundation for a blog (or what they call stories) later. They’d sell it as a standalone app.. Hook it later. Completely different market tho so I don think Evgeny or +Andrey will be biting any time soon.

(In other news. She’s growing up so fast… This needs to slow down…)

Soo… Is anyone out there doing this now? Trying to do this now? What are you using?



  1. Well, not exactly what you’re looking for, but you can create a circle on google+ that only has you in it and share it there. Years from how, assuming google+ is still around, you can add her to the circle and she can see what you shared.

  2. David Bocardo

    That is a great idea RC… I did a little search and came across this app called “23snaps”… I’m now thinking on using it too… search it on the app store and see what you think about it

  3. Chris Mengel

    Hey RC,

    You might want to check out Evernote. They have a journaling app within their suite of apps. I’ve used it for writing and it works very well. I haven’t tried video or audio. I love how stuff I enter on one device (Android phone, iPad, PC) is available on any other device (clouds are cool things). Another thing to love about it, it’s FREE! So trying it out wouldn’t be hard.

    Our good buddy Matt K. put me on to it a while back, so you could talk to him about it too.

    Good luck!


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