This is the second trip to Pensacola in a week – and boy what a difference a week makes.  When I first got here, she would scream in pain at the slightest touch of her foot (my brother Tito beared the brunt  of that agony having EMS getting her to the hospital). 

In a week she’s gone through some therapy and has started to flex her leg. She can put some weight on it now. Today she asked if she could stand and stretch for just a couple of minutes. 

I sat in front of her to give her support. Little by little she stood and stretched her tired back. Wanting to remember that moment I asked my brother Tito to take a quick snap. 

She’s on the road to recovery. Bit by bit. One foot in front of the other – she’s going to get there. 

She just needed a little stretch. And a lot less support. I’m very happy for that. 


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