Hey everyone! Before I say anything else, I want to give everyone a very very warm THANK YOU for all of the support that you’ve given me over the last few days. I really wanted to get out there and write something that would solve problems for people who want to get themselves online. After selling out of books at Amazon (I think twice.) it looks like they are now back in stock and ready to go. This post isn’t about links to go buy it or to tell you about it.. you can find that on this site pretty easy.

This really was a big labor of love for me, and the warm response that I’ve gotten from all of you is something that I deeply cherish. I just wanted to take a couple of seconds to tell you how grateful i’ve been that it’s been received so well. Out of all of the work hats that I wear, the one that I love the most is the one of the teacher. I really dig being able to share stuff with people and solve their problems. I guess that’s why i’ve been so happy with how you guy’s have taken to the book. I am also humbled and appreciative of all of the guidance i’ve gotten from Scott through this process. I’m honored and lucky to be able to call him a friend.

I’ll share with you this from the work front. When I came to work for Scott – he only had one rule. Help. No matter what I want to focus on, or work on, i’m empowered to do whatever I want – so long as we can help someone in the process. If we can solve a problem… then we’ve done well. That’s a great way to work.. and a great way to live..

And I have every single one of you to thank for letting me do that. I’m the luckiest man in the world.




  1. RC – You’re very welcome… Your enthusiasm for what you do comes through so clearly in your teaching. You have fun teaching and that makes it fun for us to learn. Thank You!

  2. onnie hull

    rc i am so very happy for you and can’t wait to get my hands on my copy of your book …
    i count myself among your many fans and have personally seen the extremes you take the concept of helping others.
    my time in the classroom with you was awesome and your kindness to me outside the classroom will always be with me as a favorite memory … enjoy this time of recognition… congrats!!
    – your kelby group groupie!!

  3. Thanks to you, RC. Your Kelby Training Videos made it possible for me to get onto the Web. I pre-ordered your book from Kelby and have it in my hand. Now, I have a reference to go back to when I need a refresher. Thanks again.

  4. While it would be easy to just say: “you’re welcome” when you say: “thank you”, I think the fact that you wrote a great book is the reason it’s doing so well. When I got my copy I read it cover to cover twice before I realized it and I can’t stop telling everyone what a great resource this book is. I’m proud to own a first run autographed version.

    I just hope it doesn’t make me go back and start my website and blog from scratch…

  5. RC,

    The thank you comes from us all for everything you and all the guys do for us.

    Hand on heart I can honestly say that had I not discovered the NAPP then I would not be in the position I am with my business that I am today; in fact I’d go so far to say that I may never have picked up a camera again.

    Best wishes to you all,

    ps> I’ve got the iPad Kindle App version of your book and it totally ROCKS!

  6. Thanks to you dear RC ! You make a great book and great vidéo on Kelby training like always ! When i see your name on the newest vidéo on Kelby training i know i will learn something great !

  7. RC,

    It is us who should be thanking you for sharing your talents and gift with us through your book. Thanks to you I now have a great site and portfolio.

  8. Thanks to you and your book I’ve been so busy building, unbuilding and rebuilding my site! I’ve learned so much about how all the pieces work together. I’m a member at Kelby Training so I’ve been watching your training classes too.
    Thank You many times over for teaching what you know!

  9. paul dennis

    Great segment on D-Town about af-on focus can you tell me how this affects VR on lenses that have VR as it normally kicks in when shutter button is pressed thanks for great show.

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