What can you say, really.

A couple of weeks ago we were there trying to find some way to make a really bad situation even slightly distracting.  Lord knows there is absolutely no way to make it palatable.  We took pictures and hugged and smiled and printed.

Ive sat and thought about all of that, and i’m sure that the gesture was in the right direction… but there was only one thing that I felt after.

Anger. Just pure anger. 

There’s  absolutely nothing that I can do to change this.

There’s no amount of photography that I can do that makes this any better.

There’s no amount signs, or symbols, or ribbons, or posters that I can hold up that help.

There’s no amount of relatability that I can have about this.

There’s no amount of pain that I can feel about any of this that compares to what that child is feeling.

There’s no amount of sadness and hurt that I can feel that compares to what that family is going through.

Truth is, I am just a bystander.  I get to come in for a few minutes – help to the best of my ability – and leave.

I get to go home.

I get to look at my daughter and hug her so desperately tight, knowing that chance spared her. No more. No less. 

There’s no Master Plan

There’s no greater purpose.

There’s absolutely no reason this child has to get this at 16 months.. and live only FOUR years.

We have *****les who work as day traders, buy medication that help the sick, and jack up the price from $13.50 a tablet to $750.00 a tablet. He gets to thrive.  

While millions fight cancer and young children never even get a chance to grow up. 

If this is a plan – it is a sick one. Cause it’s something that reeks of inequality and plain cruelty. 

For the rest of us. We are just bystanders.  We can cry for them, offer to help them on their YouCaring page, donate and spread awareness to Cancer. Hope we prioritize finding a cure over the endless amount of crap we as a body populous focus on- and thats about it.  

The moments that we shared are not my moments. Not for me to share. and Not about me.

I will hold my daughter tight and pray that some way the entire family finds some form of peace. 

Lord knows I would never be able to. 


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