So Sabine is at PetSmart with me. She’s in front of a cage and a couple of kids are circling it talking 
Kids: “what animal is in here. I think it’s a bug”
A kid who’s taller than her. Prob 7 is says. “yeah. It’s a bug”
Sabine: “I think it’s a spider. Actually it’s a tarantula”
Kid: “no it’s not”
Sabine: “yes it is.”

Kid (with parent getting closer to him): “no. I think you’re lying. You’re a liar.”

Sabine (deadpan as deadpan can be): “no. I’m reading it. I’m a reader

(I point to the sign where it says tarantula. And she proceeds to read about their habitat.)

KId: “you can –read– that?@

Sabine: “you –can’t– ?”

The mom makes him apologize… But he’s not happy.

Sabine better get REAL good at Kung fu. Soon. 


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