Hey guys.. just wanted to write a quick update on what kinds of stuff I am doing over here at the lab..

Wrapping Up The Big Deal 2016 on July 12

In starting to convert Fotopromos over to a content/education hub, one of the things I was asked to take a look at was being a contributor to The Big Deal 2016.  This is a bundle that people can buy thousands of dollars of stuff for about $99.  After reading up on all of the stuff that was in the space, I started to work on this and was pretty excited for all of the resources that were put together.

Things I’m Excited About

I love the fact that if you’ve never considered using software like Topaz Clarity, Tonality from MacPhun, or Photo Mechanic – you get those and a bunch more for that $99.  Heck – Photo Mechanic alone is over $150.  So that’s a great thing to get behind. Check out the one thing that I count Photo Mechanic on for culling.


teachersThe other thing that I feel very proud to see is that some of the best trainers have contributed TONS of video content, backgrounds, presets, and resources that people can use however they see fit.  Its just an amazing amount of content that gets bundled in.

Class Production Underway!


Once all of the madness behind the Big Deal is behind me, I get to push out a lot of the educational stuff that I have been working on here on set.  Right now, I’m focusing on making classes that I think people can really benefit from – starting with some Photoshop and Lightroom foundation classes and working up.  Kim Patti Studios is looking better and better.. and this set is going to be my home for a while.  I’m setting up the couch, arcade machine, and coffee maker just off camera.

Make sure you come by and say hi from time to time.  If you haven’t done so – also go check out The Big Deal.  I really think you’ll get a lot out of it.





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