I was so very happy to get out and just be focused on making images when I was in NY last.  No other project or idea other than a camera, sneakers, a tripod, and a desire to get out and make some shots.

Its funny though – more often than not, I tend to be a much darker shooter than my peers. Moodier. I like it- but I feel out of place most times.

I’m totally comfortable busting Hans Zimmer in my headphones while making work.  But then – I get home and start printing everything and realize all of these prints would look awesome..

… if I lived as Batman – in a cave.  Then I get frustrated with the shots and go through the “God, I suck..” period of looking at my stuff…

I usually come back to the shots after a couple of days and visit with them again.  Then they start growing on me again.  I often wonder how many people sit very ill with who they are as when they produce some work.

Cant really do anything about it though.  Its how I see my city.  and ultimately..I grow OK with it.


Next time i’ll be in NY will be teaching and leading workshops at the Out of NY Conference. If you guys are in NY, I sure hope you sign up and come join me on some classes.



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