So… there’s 100 tings that I have to work on at the office. And yesterday I was like “Sabine.. I have all of these projects that I have to do for work… I cant.. ” when she asked to go back to the beach to collect shells.
As I was driving and saying “No” – I thought back to a conversation that I have been having with people about why I wanted to work for myself: To have the free hours where I can get to do stuff with my kid and not feel tied. And here I was, feeling tied.
So- I said to Sabine.. “Hey.. how about we do breakfast on the beach? I bring my laptop and get some work done… and play with you.. and you get what -you- want too… “
This is one of those spots where I feel like Im constantly trying to figure out how not to completely fail as a father.. yet keep pushing…

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