Al at the Elysian Cafe

My buddy Al loves this place called the Elysian Cafe in Hoboken, NJ. It’s a great cafe/car in Hoboken, New Jersey that’s got some really cool architecture in it. Tin ceilings, lots of little details – it was impossible NOT to want to shoot it in HDR so obviously we needed to give it a go.

In order for me to be able to get the bar at a state where no one was around I needed to quickly be able to show how this could look cool, and convince the powers that be to let me do it. We went to the bar the day earlier, and I did a handheld, high ISO shot from a corner. I took that image and processed it on my laptop as quick as I could and moved a copy of it to my Ipad. This would allow me to go to the managers and say “Hey.. this is what i’d like to do, minus the people” giving me access to the location pre-open. After showing the shot, the management was cool with me coming and setting up a tripod for the shoot the following morning, giving me the shot below:

The Elysian Cafe

I’m telling you, if there’s EVER a reason for you to own an iPad, it’s to be able to set a foothold for shoots. It just helps when someone can visualize what you’re trying to do.



  1. Love the story of how you got this beautifully composed shot of the Elysian Cafe. You sure do work fast….so I can see you shooting the photo quickly, working it quickly, and quickly getting it uploaded to your Ipad. Must be nice to be so talented:-)

  2. Love the shot RC. The color balance between the gold ceiling and blue floor is great. I also really like the details in the fabrics, wood and metal in the image. Nicely done. Steve owes you for such a nice iPad ad.

  3. how many steps did you shoot? Do you just need your subject to stay really still to avoid ghosting ?

  4. Great shots. How did u do the first shot hdr from your hand ??? I don’t see any movement. is this the masters hand or another technique you like to share ??? 😉

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